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Q. Why can't I see prices on your online shop?
SNJ Resources is a wholesale business selling to the retail trade. The general public have no access to our wholesale prices. In this way we try and protect the interests of our retailers. 

Q. I am a Retailer - how do I view your wholesale prices?
 In order to view our prices you will first need to create an online account. This is done as follows:
  • Click [Log In] in the [My account] menu.
  • Click the [Continue] button in the New Customer box.
  • Fill out your contact details, including your ABN and submit.
When we receive your application it will processed. If all is well and the required information (including a valid ABN) has been supplied then you will be notified that your account has been enabled. When you have received that email you will be able to log in, view wholesale prices and have access to our checkout facilities.

Q. I have forgotton my password - what should I do?
  • Click [Log In] in the [My account] menu.
  • Click the Password forgotten? link in the Returning Customer box.
When you have done this a new password will be generated by the system and sent to your email address.

Q. Can I change the system password to something that makes sense to me?

Yes, you can.
  • Log in to your account using your email address and the system password that was issued to you.
  • Click [My details] in the [My account] menu. Your main account screen will then be displayed. One of the options is [Change my account password] 
Q. Can I change my delivery address etc online?
Yes, you can. In fact you have complete access to your online account details, preferences and ordering history.
  • Log in to your account using your email address and the system password that was issued to you. 
  • Click [My Details] in the [My account] menu. Your main account screen will then be displayed. Follow the links to access the account information of interest.
Q. I would like to check on a previous order - can I do that?
Certainly. The information is located in you account information. In fact you can drill down to particular orders and individual items. Access you account information as per the above instructions for account details.

Q. Do you have a minimum order purchase value?
Yes. We request for a minimum order of $150.00.

Q. What payment methods are available?
  • Credit card: Visa or Mastercard
  • Direct bank transfer into our account. You will receive our account details when your order confirmation is emailed to you.

Q. Can I make a purchase on a 30 day approval?
Accounts are available to customers who have a good payment record and who have satisfactorily filled out and submitted a GHA credit application form. These are available by  following the downloads link in the [More Info] box. Note that you will be required to Log In to access the Downloads section.

Q. Do you have a printed catalogue available?
1. Please view the products on line. We are getting a catalouge ready for the Steel products and will be introducing shortly.    

2. Yes we have printed catalogue for Albums and Journals

3. For Handmade papers we have 3 swatch books, stickers catalogues and embellishments catalogue for $30.00 including delivery.  Please contact us for speciality papers.

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01.Journal - Jute Bound
02.Drawing/Sketch Book A4
03.Scrapbook Albums Plain Colours. SPECIAL PRICE
04.Business Card Stand
05.Wedding Albums
06.Envelope Holder
07.Bar Tools
08.Note Book A6
09.Pen Stand
10.Candle Stand X